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Qualified leadwork roofing specialists

An often-underappreciated element of roofing, leadwork and lead roofing are often vital to the final look of a property and serve an essential function by sealing your home against the elements. Lead is a complex material to work with, which is why we have a dedicated expert on our team who works full time completing all the leadwork for our projects. This ensures that even the most complicated elements of your project are completed in good time and to the same great standard that you can expect from the rest of our services. For quality results from a team that of experts you can trust, contact Groom & Co. We’re a qualified contractor with decades of experience in the industry.

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For all your roofing leadwork needs, contact the team at Groom & Co. We can provide you with a roofing survey and no-obligation quote at no charge in just 24 hours. Just call 0800 6444 777, send an email to info@groomnco.co.uk, or fill out our contact form to get started.

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Our leadwork services

We offer a full suite of leadwork services to complete the look of your roof and secure your home. Lead is a complex material to work with, but its incredible durability and longevity make it a highly worthwhile addition to your roof. Our resident expert will be able to complete all these services and more to an astonishing standard.

Chimney flashing

It is vital that your chimney is properly secured to the roof. This will ensure that your home is sealed against the elements and that the chimney itself is secure and sound. Improperly installed leadwork can severely undermine the safety of your chimney.

Skylight flashing

When we install your skylights or rooflights we will install the lead flashing around the edges to weatherproof your new windows. Our team’s skill is so great that we can even add curved edges and other decorative flairs to an already perfect installation.

Lead bays

Sometimes, you need a larger installation to protect your home. We install lead roofing in the form of multiple bays separated by timber rolls. This is to account for the natural expansion and contraction of the material which is an essential factor for the longevity of your lead roof.


If you’ve noticed that the leadwork on your roof has begun to pull away, is loose, or has cracked, contact our team. We’ll act quickly to provide you with a repair or replacement. Our team will make sure your home’s roof looks its absolute best and is safe and secure.

All leadwork undertaken

From small repairs to major new installations, we are here to complete all your leadwork to an impeccable standard that will leave your roof looking attractive and functioning perfectly. We work with all thicknesses, from Codes 2 to 8, depending on the application to ensure you always get the best result possible. Our specialist works diligently to account for expansion and contraction, making sure that your roofing will be able to endure the elements all year round. This requires careful measurements so that the lead is not installed in overly large pieces and is secured correctly on your roof. No matter your lead roofing needs, Groom & Co are the team to choose.

Got a problem with your lead work? Get in touch

If you’ve noticed any structural or cosmetic faults with the lead in your roof, contact our team. Groom & Co have an in-house expert ready to attend to all your needs. To find out more about what we can do for you, call 0800 6444 777 or send an email to info@groomnco.co.uk.

Why choose us for your roof’s leadwork?


Our technicians have the qualifications and experience to deliver excellent results on every element of your roofing system.


We never subcontract our leadwork. Everything will be completed by our in-house specialist to the same Groom & Co standard.


You’ll be kept updated throughout your project. This will include daily visits from our Director and pictures of our progress.


We’ll make sure your property is protected while we work and will always diligently clean where we’ve been working each day.

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