Health, safety & insurance

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Our health and safety policies

Our commitment to excellence extends to every part of our work, including diligent health and safety measures. We take safety very seriously while we work. No matter if we’re completing a small repair or a multi-week installation, you can trust that the appropriate measures will be taken to comply with health and safety regulations and ensure that you, your property, our team, and the public are all safe and secure.

Personal protective equipment

We provide everyone on our roofing team with extensive personal protective equipment (PPE) whenever they’re completing a job. This ranges from the typical work gloves and hard hats right up to harnesses to secure them when they’re working at height. Our technicians will always have the appropriate equipment to ensure that they’re working on your roof safely.


We make sure any scaffolding around your site is erected to the correct standard and is signed off. We’ll inspect it before it is first used, every seven days it is standing, and after any damage, extreme weather, or alterations. You can be assured that the scaffolding on your property is safe and secure.

Public liability insurance

We are confident in our ability to work safely and securely. However, we are still fully covered with extensive public liability insurance. This helps cover the cost of any incidents such as property damage or injury that occur to the public in connection to a business.

Employee liability insurance

Everyone who works for us is covered by a comprehensive employee liability insurance policy. This will compensate any members of our team in the unlikely event they become injured or ill while at work.

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