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Make sure your roof looks its best with chimney stack repairs that are delivered by the trustworthy expert technicians from Groom & Co. We are a family-run roofing business that’s been serving London since 1968. With over fifty years and three generations spent in the industry, we’ve acquired a wealth of specialist knowledge and are prepared to tailor our processes around the needs of your roof. A chimney is an essential part of your roof, so if you’ve noticed any faults then it’s vital that you contact us for repairs as soon as possible. From a minor repair through to a full replacement, we deliver lasting solutions that will ensure your chimney functions properly, looks good, and protects your home from the elements.

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Our chimney services

We provide a huge range of solutions to suit the needs of your property. Our technicians provide a courteous service that ensures your chimney receives exactly what it needs to function at its best. Choosing Groom & Co means choosing experience, dedication, and skill.

Chimney brick repairs

Have you noticed loose, cracked, or missing bricks on your chimney? This can be a sign that your chimney’s structure is compromised and will need to be seen to by a professional immediately. Groom & Co can replace bricks and complete chimney mortar repairs to make it safe again.

Chimney flashing repairs

If the lead flashing around your chimney has come loose it can let water into your roof and damage your property. We have an in-house leadwork expert to carry out repairs and replacements to your chimney’s flashing, resecuring it to the roof and weatherproofing your property.

Chimney crown repairs

The curved cement crown at the top of your chimney – also called a flaunch – it essential to allowing rainwater to run off the top so moisture doesn’t get into your property. If it has eroded to the point it is no longer curved, it will need to be attended to by a professional.

Leaning chimney stack repairs

If you’ve noticed your chimney is leaning at an angle, this can be a sign of severe structural problems. We will always be honest about the work that your chimney needs after we’ve surveyed it, whether a repair or a complete replacement is needed to ensure it is safe.

Experienced chimney specialists

All the expertise we need to carry out lasting chimney repairs and replacements is in-house. You can rely on our signature customer service and dedication to see your chimney restored to full working order. From the first survey to the finishing touches, we take care of everything. Our team will assess if we can work off ladders or need a scaffold to reach your chimney and will take all appropriate safety precautions when carrying out the work. Every property’s chimney will need some care and maintenance at some point due to its exposure to the elements. Choose Groom & Co for a professional service from dedicated experts with the experience and knowledge your chimney needs.

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We’ve built a sterling reputation for the quality of our services and our impeccable customer service. Our team are always looking to help homeowners with lasting chimney solutions. Find out how we can help you with your chimney by calling 0800 6444 777 or sending an email to

Why choose us for chimney services?


Our technicians are highly experienced and have an excellent eye for detail. This ensures your project will be completed to the high standard you deserve.


We never subcontract, which means we’re responsible for every part of your project. You’ll always know who is working at your home by our team’s branded uniforms and vehicles.


We are proactive in our communication. Each day you’ll receive updates in the form of pictures of our work and a visit from our Director who can answer any questions.


Our team goes to great lengths to protect your home while we’re working, including laying down protective materials and tidying the site at the end of each day.

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