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Professional drone roof inspections

We can carry out roof inspections with drones to give you a highly detailed look at your property’s roof. We’ll take high-quality footage that we can use to assess any potential issues with your roof. We can also go into your loft and inspect your roof from the inside to gain even more insight. You’ll receive a full written report that will detail our findings and any work that might be required. With fifty years in the industry, you can trust Groom & Co to produce accurate and honest results that allow you to make informed decisions about your roof. Our technicians have the practiced eye and expert knowledge to give you all the information you need.

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Get in touch and we can arrange a professionally conducted drone inspection of your property. Call 0800 6444 777, email info@groomnco.co.uk, or fill out our contact form and we will arrange a time to complete the survey.

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Why do you need a roof survey?

A drone inspection is a great way to gain a detailed insight into the condition of your roof. It can be an essential method for spotting any faults or weaknesses in those hard to see places. Catching problems early means you have a greater chance of repairing them before they turn into major issues.

Tiles and slates

A drone can get up close to the material of your roof and go further than someone on a ladder. If there are any cracked or degraded slates or tiles, we can see them on the camera footage and identify what needs to be done based on the damage.


As part of your survey, we can head into your loft and look at the timber supports that hold up your roof. We’ll check for any signs of damage or rot to make sure that your roof is structurally sound. We’ll also check the membrane to ensure it is intact and working properly.


If your chimney is higher up your roof or out of the way, it can be hard to notice if there’s anything wrong with it. Our drone can inspect it to ensure that the bricks, mortar, and flaunch have not eroded, the flashing is intact, and there are no structural problems.

Guttering, soffits, and fascias

These are underappreciated elements of your roofing system but can cause major issues if they fail. Checking that they’re in good working order and identifying problems for repair is essential for the long-term health of your roof.

Safely carrying out your drone survey

We’re committed to doing things the right way. We are fully qualified to conduct these surveys safely and have a licence to fly drones (even in central London). Our team take every measure possible to ensure that we are conducting ourselves safely, such as using a program that prevents the drone from taking off when any aircraft are nearby. Once we’ve inspected every single nook and cranny of your roof, we will put together a package which includes the raw footage as well as our detailed report. This means you can see why we’ve made our recommendations for yourself.

Get a drone inspection for your roof

We are a highly professional team that’s ready to carry out roof condition surveys at your property especially in London. We provide accurate and detailed results so you can make an informed decision. Call 0800 6444 777 or email info@groomnco.co.uk to speak to our team and organise your survey.

Why choose us for your drone survey?


Our technicians can use their years of experience to quickly and accurately pinpoint issues with your roof using the footage we gather.


Your roofing survey will be completed by a Groom & Co expert. We only work with roofers who we trust to deliver the quality our clients deserve.


We are proactive in keeping our clients updated throughout the process. You can expect a speedy response when it comes to the footage and report from your survey.


No matter what we’re doing for you, our team are always courteous and conscientious when working in your home and will ensure it is clean and tidy.

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