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Roof guttering repaired and installed

Many homeowners rarely think about their roof’s guttering; don’t underestimate the impact a poorly installed or unmaintained system can have. In addition to harming the décor of your property, subpar guttering can become broken or clogged and can damage your home. If you’re looking for roof gutter replacement or repairs, the team at Groom & Co are here to help. We’re a well-established roofing and guttering contractor who have been operating since 1968, and in that time we have picked up a wealth of invaluable knowledge. Our team have the skill and expertly honed eye for detail to ensure perfect results for our guttering projects.

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Choose your gutter replacement

Have your UPVC gutters seen better days? It might be time to consider replacing them with a new system. At Groom & Co, we offer a range of different options to provide your home with both form and function. We’re happy to provide our expert opinions and help you decide what would be best for you.

Round line guttering

This is the most popular type of guttering in the country. It’s a straightforward but sleek semi-circle design that is ideal for larger homes and conservatories and is easy to maintain. We can provide this system in a range of colours to suit your property.

Square line guttering

If you’re looking for a more bold and distinctive design, square line guttering might be for you. This helps your home stand out aesthetically without sacrificing functionality. They cope better with higher volumes of rainfall than the round line system and are perfect for any home.

Ogee guttering

Also called ‘K-style’ guttering, this system is perfect if you’re looking for resilience and durability. They can carry more water than rounded gutters and are extremely tough, standing up to large volumes of water and high winds without buckling or bending.

Cast iron imitation guttering

This system combines modern functionality with a unique aesthetic, perfect if you have a more traditional property. They are highly stylish and can transform your home while still serving their purpose perfectly by protecting your property from the elements.

Emergency gutter repairs

If you’ve experienced a sudden fault with your guttering, be it from age, an accident, or storm damage, we are here to help. We can be reached 24/7 to provide solutions to your guttering problems. We have dedicated technicians ready to respond to repairs quickly. They could be at your home on the same day as your enquiry to carry out the work you need. We can replace screws, resecure the fixtures, provide replacement parts, and more to ensure that your system is restored to full working order. With years of experience, you can trust our technicians to deliver lasting repairs quickly and efficiently at your property.

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Why choose us to work on your guttering?


Our technicians are highly experienced working with a range of guttering systems and will apply professional diligence and a close eye for detail to every project.


No matter the job, we never subcontract. Your work will only ever be completed by members of our team – you can spot them by their branded vehicles and uniforms.


We are proactive in keeping you updated with progress pictures and, for longer projects, there will be daily visits from our Director to keep you informed.


Our team are always conscientious and will take care to ensure your property is protected while we work. We will leave everything clean and tidy after we’re finished.

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