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Professional roofing services in Camden

Welcome to Groom & Co., your premier destination for expert roofing services in Camden and beyond. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for quality craftsmanship, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch roofing solutions tailored to your unique needs. With a legacy spanning over five decades, we have earned the trust and loyalty of homeowners throughout the area.

For a significant investment like roofing in your house, you need a contractor who not only boasts extensive experience but also upholds a sterling reputation for quality and skill.


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Our roofing services in Camden

Roof renewals

When your roof nears the end of its lifespan, it is time for a renewal. Trust our team for a seamless roof replacement process. Our expert technicians will install a brand-new roof with precision and care.

Roof repairs

Need some urgent repairs to the roof on your property? Our skilled team is dedicated to restoring your roof to its optimal condition with meticulous attention to detail.

Flat roofing

We are the local experts of flat roofing in Camden- a speciality our team have developed over decades. We can complete the entire installation and replacement of your property with utmost diligence.

Pitch roofing

Our pitch roofing includes repairs, new installations, and like-for-like replacement of an existing system. Trust us to deliver lasting and customised solutions to your preferences.


Handling lead requires a specialised skill set. Groom & Co., we understand the importance of precision and expertise in leadwork. That is why we have a dedicated in-house specialist who is equipped to handle all aspects of leadwork for your roof.


If you are considering a new roofing system, we can seamlessly integrate new chimneys into the design of your property, ensuring both functionality and aesthetics are met with excellence. Trust us to handle all your chimney needs with skill and precision.

Drone surveys

Our drone technology captures high-quality video and images. It is a perfect solution to provide you with a detailed visual report of your roof’s status. We offer a thorough analysis, ensuring complete transparency at every step.

Soffits and fascias

At Groom & Co., our skilled technicians specialise in installing UPVC or wooden fittings tailored to your specific needs. We can match your existing fittings or embrace a fresh design aesthetic. We have the expertise to deliver exceptional results that enhance functionality.

VELUX and skylights

Looking to brighten up your space? We have a range of services for skylights and VELUX roof lights, from handling all preparatory work to putting the finishing touches in place.


At Groom & Co., we offer state-of-the-art guttering systems to safeguard your home from the elements. Our technicians work swiftly, delivering smart and stylish solutions tailored to your Camden property.


Contact us for emergency repairs

Get a rapid quote within 24 hours or reach us 24/7 for any roofing emergencies. Call 0800 6444 777 or email, and our team could be on-site later that day for immediate repairs.

Why choose us for roofing services in Camden?


With decades of experience in the industry, our team brings a treasure of understanding and expertise to every job. Each of our members is highly efficient.


We always use our own team and never subcontract. Hence, you will always have the complete knowledge of who is working on your project.


Expect regular progress pictures and daily site visits from our director to ensure transparency and accountability throughout the project.


We implement practical solutions to minimise potential damage and conduct thorough cleaning at the end of each day to leave your premises spotless.


Insurance backed roofing repairs and installations

Rest assured; all our new installations come with a 25-year warranty along with a solid insurance policy. Furthermore, we offer a 5-year guarantee for any minor work.

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