What Are Soffits and Fascias?

Soffits and fascias are two boards that secure your roofing system to the walls of your property. The fascia is the piece directly under the lip of your roof which faces outward, and the soffit is the board that faces down.

They are an essential, but often overlooked, element of your roofing system. They secure the system to the rest of your home and are vital for weatherproofing, health, and effectiveness of your roof.

What is a soffit?

The soffit is the board fixed underneath the roof overhang. They are typically used for the main body of the roof but can also be installed under stairs or porches. Soffits secure your attic space against the elements and provide a final line of defence against the weather and extremes of hot and cold.

Typically in the UK soffits come in UPVC plastic, which is a cost-effective material but still highly waterproof and resistant to rot. They are sleek, low-maintenance, and come in a variety of colours and styles so you can easily find an option that matches your home’s exterior. Wooden soffits are also available. They are more stylish and have greater opportunities for customisation since they can be painted any colour you choose.

However, they will need maintenance and repainting every six to seven years. There are also aluminium and steel soffits which are highly durable but a lot more costly. The UK rarely experiences the sort of extreme weather that necessitates these heavy-duty items.

What is a fascia?

The fascia, also called the roofline, runs along the lower edge of the roof directly under the outermost layer of roof tiles. They provide support for this lower layer of tiles to reduce the risk of any slipping or falling and support the guttering system. A well installed fascia and guttering system will make sure that water from rain or snowmelt drains easily off the roof and away from your property.

The fascia is fitted directly to the roof rafters and, when properly installed, can hold the weight and volume of gallons of moving water every second. It is not uncommon to see wooden fascias but due to their proximity to water the risk of rot is considerable and can reduce its lifespan.

More waterproof composite boards are available and are highly durable, but considerably more expensive. Much like soffits, we’d recommend UPVC plastic as a strong middle ground. They provide the strength, attractive finish, and low-maintenance resilience you want for your roofing system.

Why are soffits and fascias important?

These boards secure your attic space and seal it from the outside elements. They block birds and insects from nesting or burrowing inside the roofing system which will keep your property hygienic and safe. Furthermore, they prevent moisture from becoming trapped in the attic.

Build ups of heat and moisture in your attic can damage the different elements of the roof by encouraging mould and mildew growth on the membrane and timbers. Significant enough heat can even make the shingles brittle enough to begin cracking and degrading far sooner than they should. Properly installed soffits and fascias are vital to ensuring that your home looks sleek and is well protected from the outside world.

The soffits and fascias of your home are vital to the efficacy of your roofing system and contribute a lot to the overall look of your home. Make sure that they are installed properly by contacting Groom & Co. We are a roofing contractor with over fifty years in the industry that expertly complete a full complement of building services, including installing soffits and fascias at your home. To find out more, call 0800 6444 777 or email info@groomnco.co.uk.