Roof Restoration vs. Replacement: Which Is Right for Your Home?

When you plan about your home, one of the significant and integral parts is its roof. It plays a crucial role in the general maintenance of the house. It prevents weather damage, helps in the energy conservation, and make the outside appearance of your house look beautiful.

But as well all know, even the toughest of roofs will not be able to go for an eternal life, and it will require replacement or repair after some time. Usually, homeowners have a question about when to restore or when to replace the roof of their houses.

Roof restoration and roof replacement are two terms that can sometimes be very confusing; in this blog, we’ll let you know the differences between the two, the benefits of each and how to decide which one is right for your home.

Both, repair and replacement have their own advantages and disadvantages. Based on the criteria to choose and respective advantages, we will help you in making the right decision.

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Factors To Consider When Deciding

Some of the factors to consider when you are deciding are:

  • Age of the Roof: The viability of roof restoration depends on several conditions; if the roof is still young, that is, it is newly installed and has not been in use for more than 15 years, then you can consider restoration over replacement. However, there are additional advantages to replacing older roofs, especially in the long run.
  • The extent of Damage: Paint and structural damages that may cause slight alteration of the surface structure of the roof can be restored. Major structural damage, however, may call for a total replacement of the roof for durability and efficiency purposes.
  • Material Type: Damage differs depending on the type of roofing material used. If you have material like shingles, they are more common and less expensive to fix than others, like slates or metal.
  • Future Plans: It is also important to think about your future plans for the home. Whether you plan to sell or not. If you are going to sell your house soon, then by putting up a new roof can boost the market value, and the potential buyers will be interested.
  • Budget: There are clearly finite benefits of restoration in cost recovery. In the short run, replacement looks costlier but is probably more cost-effective in the long run. Assess the budget and look into the financing of the options to arrive at a competent decision.
  • Energy Efficiency: If improving energy efficiency is a priority, a new roof with better insulation and modern materials might be the best choice.

Cost Comparison of Roof Replacement Vs Roof Restoration

  • Roof Restoration: On an average, the cost will be from £25 to £35 per square meter, which may increase. This will depend on the size of the roof and extend of replacement required.
  • Roof Replacement: Average cost is between £80 – £120 per square meter and it will also depend on the resources used and the complexity of the work involved.

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Benefits of Roof Restoration


The restoration process will be cheaper than the replacement as it takes place on the existing roof structure and materials.


Another benefit of extending the life of your roof is it reduces the waste of materials required for building new roof, hence being environmentally friendly.

Improved Aesthetics

Caring for your roof through repainting or reapplication of sealant can also give your home a lift as it improves its appearance.

Extended Lifespan

A good renovation can help extend the roof’s life by 10-15 years, depending on the type of material used and the contractor’s work.

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Benefits of Roof Replacement

Long-Term Solution

Getting a new roof offers a long-lasting solution to roofing issues, as it can last for about 20-50 years, depending on the material used.

Improved Energy Efficiency

New roofing and insulation can increase your home energy efficiency and hence decrease your heating and cooling expenses.

Increased Property Value

Fitting a new roof can increase this worth, which, when it comes to selling a residence, will attract many potential buyers.

Peace of Mind

With a new roof, you will not be bothered with leaks and frequent repairs for several future years.

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Making the Decision

To determine whether roof restoration or replacement is right for your home, start with a professional roof inspection. A qualified roofing contractor can assess the condition of your roof and provide recommendations based on their findings. Consider getting multiple quotes and opinions to ensure you make an informed decision.

The final selection between roof restoration and replacement depends on your roof and your personal preferences. Both options have their advantages, and understanding the differences can help you make the best choice for your home.

Whether you opt for restoration or replacement, investing in your roof ensures your home remains safe, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing for years to come.

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