How Long Can You Expect Your (Asphalt / Metal / Concrete) Roof to Last?

It is, kind of, common sense that different kinds of roofs have different lifespans. It is a good thing to know when buying a new home or installing a new roof. Today, the Groom & Co team is talking about how long asphalt, metal, slate, clay, concrete, and wooden roofs can last and how can you know when to replace or repair an old roof.

1. Asphalt Shingle Roof

Asphalt shingle roofs are quite popular in the UK for a couple of reasons. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, this is the way to go. However, although cost-effective, asphalt roofing can last 50 years maximum.

Asphalt shingles are susceptible to weather elements – sun, wind, and rain, and, thus, may require more frequent repairs. Shingles can be easily patched or replaced, however, once you notice that they have gone thinner and if the water is leaking through the roof in multiple spots, it’s time for a complete re-do.

2. Metal Roof

Metal roofs have a lifespan between 30 and 70 years while certain metal roofs (made of zinc, copper, and other premium metals) have a lifetime of 100 years!

Standing seam metal roofs make the most common metal roofs in the UK and last for around 50 years. The same goes for stone-coated steel roofs while ribbed metal panels (which come at a lower price than most metal roofs) last 25 to 40 years.

Once your metal roof starts changing colour, rust starts spreading all across, and the water starts leaking in the attic, you should think about installing a new roof.

3. Concrete Roof

Concrete roofs are the most versatile since you can paint the tiles in different colours to make the roof look fancier and newer. What is more, concrete roofs can resemble some more expensive types of roofs, such as slate or stone roofs.

You can choose between a slight or large curve concrete roofs (low or high-profile roof) and a flat style. Concrete roofs can last for 30 to 60 years at their best. Once a large number of concrete tiles become stained and cracked, it’s a foolproof sign that you need a new roof!

4. Slate Roof

A slate roof is definitely one of the most eye-appealing, refined, durable, and expensive types of roofs. Slate roofs can last anywhere from 50 to 100 years and they are very sturdy, but surprisingly, at the same time, breakable, which is why the tiles should be installed carefully.

Once and if properly installed, slate roofs can withstand weather elements without needing any special kind of maintenance. Leaks, broken or missing and discoloured shingles point out that you should have the roof repaired or entirely replaced.

5. Clay Roof

Not only do clay tile roofs look absolutely gorgeous but they are among the most affordable roofing options! So, if you like roofs of distinctive colour, but also prefer more budget-friendly materials, clay is the way to go since it repels heat, is resistant to fire, and keeps your energy costs down during the hot summer months.

Clay tile roofs are easy to maintain and repair, too! The best thing of all? The average lifespan of clay tile roofs is somewhere around 40-50 years, sometimes even more! On the downside, clay tile roofs can add a lot of weight to your home’s structure. Broken tiles and leaks are telltale signs that you should have the roof fixed or that you should replace the old roofing with a new one.

6. Wooden Roof

Some people prefer the natural side of wooden roofs. Wood, when treated well and protected against rot and insects, can stand the test of time and age beautifully. Wooden roofs can last somewhere around 30 to 40 years when properly maintained and regularly checked. On average, you need to repaint the shakes every 5 years.

Cedar roofs are most durable since insects and rot don’t stand a chance against them while people living in coastal areas prefer cedar for its ability to withstand winds up to 250 m/h. Once the shingles start rotting and splitting, and algae, mold, and pest make serious damage to the roof, it’s time for a roof replacement.


Groom & Co is a family-run company, operating since 1968. During all these years, we have installed and repaired thousands of roofs, and, of course, all kinds of roofs. Needing any advice about the right roofing material for your home or our help with repairing the old or installing a new roof, feel free to reach out anytime!